Andy Erickson

Andy speaks at conventions, conferences and company events across the US. He uses a combination of humor, story-telling and small-group activities to engage and energize audiences.

The hallmarks of Andy’s keynotes are connection and action: Andy asks audience members to interact with one another, share ideas and launch relationships; and he challenges audiences member to leave with “one thing” — one action they will take to turn their insights into lasting change.

Meet Andy

Andy is the founder and CEO of Humanus Solutions, a small consulting firm that helps clients develop leaders, teams and routines that engage people and create breakthroughs in performance.

Andy has worked as a management consultant since 2006. His clients have included firms such as ExxonMobil, Jacobs Engineering, Skanska, Conoco Phillips, Devon Energy, LyondellBassell.

Prior to becoming a consultant, he spent seventeen years as a manager at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He led teams of machinists, planners and engineers on the 777 and 787 programs; he was also heavily involved in Boeing’s lean manufacturing and continuous improvement efforts.

Andy holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Organization Systems.

Recent Keynotes

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Every leader faces moments of doubt and uncertainty: setbacks or failures, daunting opportunities, and moments when business-as-usual is no longer sufficient. Learn five practical steps leaders can take to leverage these moments to engage their teams and create breakthroughs in performance. Discover why its easier to *act* your way into new thinking than *think* your way into new acting. Participants leave with skills they can apply immediately.

Lead Every Moment

Most people can say or do the right thing when everyone is watching, but our everyday behavior speaks louder than any of that. Learn five steps leaders can take to develop habits — for both themselves and their teams — that send the right message and promote desired performance. Caution: this presentation is likely to cause reflection on hot-button topics, marriage, parenthood and golf.

Next-Generation Front-line Leaders

Many organizations are facing a crisis of front-line leadership. Discover a new approach to finding and developing your next generation of leaders. Whether you are a future leader yourself or responsible for leaders within your team, this session will offer specific, actionable steps you can put to use immediately.

Get Them Talking… and Thinking

We revere leaders who are gifted speakers — charismatic orators who capture our attention and fire our emotions. But what if *listening* is the *real* leadership super-power? What if the best way to engage and align people is to ask good questions, shut up and listen? This session offers six ways leaders can use listening to foster alignment, engagement and personal responsibility within their teams.

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